The Opportunities And Challenges

  • T-Footprint is proficient in chip and embedded system research and development, fully familiar with the entire industry chain from chip design to PC/AI, Internet of Things, and intelligent vehicle product landing.
  • We are well aware of the opportunities and challenges for the development of the IT industry. Therefore, we continuously adhere to independent innovation and collaborative innovation, long-term cooperation with top global IT companies, and are committed to providing you with comprehensive technical support and solutions.

Cooperation With Enterprises and Universities

  • T-Footprint not only attaches importance to independent innovation, but also is committed to cooperative innovation. We collaborate with many top chip companies in the USA to operate a number of joint laboratories to provide effective resources and technical support for project R&D and integrated testing;
  • At the same time, we have also established various training programs with many universities and training institutions to promote the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent networked vehicles,Intelligent vision, intelligent voice.

Main Solutions

Embedded system development: T-Footprint can provide customers with comprehensive services from hardware design, software development, testing and verification to system integration and production manufacturing of embedded systems.

Internet of Things Services: We provide comprehensive solutions for the Internet of Things, including system architecture design, hardware development, cloud development, data analysis, and interactive experience design. For example, the development of IoT projects such as intelligent hardware.

Mobile application development: T-Footprint can undertake some mobile application development services, including a series of processes such as technical planning, UI design, software development, testing, and release operations.

AI services: we can also provide AI technology solutions, including natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning.