Development and Service

T-Footprint has strong technology development and service capabilities, it has formed a comprehensive technical system coverage from chip front-end and back-end design, comprehensive verification, OS core, underlying driver, middleware to upper-layer applications, and has also accumulated rich experience in R&D projects and its own intellectual property rights.

The Core Technology

Our technical team is proficient in BSP/BIOS development, AI algorithms/Graphics/Video/Audio/Security middleware.

Our chips cover TSMC 5nm/7nm/14nm FF, GF 12nm FDSOI/28nm, SMIC 14nm/28nm, and Samsung 28nm FDSOI. Our core technologies include chip design, driver development, deep learning, algorithm optimization, and security technology. Continuously meeting customer needs through low-power, high-performance, safe, reliable, and diversified product development.


Our Advantages

  • 1. Hardware design ability: We have a team of experienced chip design engineers who possess profound hardware design skills and professional skills. Its main developed chip products include embedded chips, automotive electronic chips, etc.
  • 2. Software engineering ability: We have also complete IP resources, application design accumulation, and data integration capabilities.
  • 3.Advanced design tools: T-footprint adopts a series of advanced design tools, such as EDA, which can comprehensively and accurately control and manage the chip design process.

  • 4.Cost-effective and standardized design process:T-footprint continues to introduce cost-effective solutions in chip design to meet the different needs of customers. We have also a mature chip design process, including design, simulation, layout, export and other links to ensure that the final chip design meets industry standards and customer needs.

  • 5.strong cross domain coordination capabilities We can quickly organize and coordinate cross domain technical resources to ensure the smooth completion of various projects.