Successful Embedded Software Project Experience

Rich experience in embedded system development:

We have rich experience in embedded system development: T-Footprint has rich experience in embedded software projects, and our research and development team has an average of more than 10 years of experience in frontline multinational companies. We are able to provide customers with a variety of embedded software development solutions to help their projects and products run smoothly.

The Technical Scope

Technical scope:The technical scope covers BSP/BIOS development, AI algorithm/Graphics/Video/Audio/Security middleware, as well as AI/PC, smart cars, and AIOT product design under Linux, Android, Windows, RTOS, and QNX operating systems. In embedded software design, we can be familiar with drivers and middleware, including GPU/ NPU/ VPU/ ISP/ PCIe5.0/ WiFi6, TensorFlow/ Torch/ Safe algorithms                       

Advanced technology and tools: We are skilled in using advanced technologies and tools for development, such as C language, C++, embedded Linux, ARM Cortex, etc., can improve development efficiency and reduce development costs

Our Service advantages

Flexible development mode: We can adopt different development modes according to the actual needs of customers, such as traditional waterfall model, agile development model, etc. We are able to respond quickly to customer needs and provide customized development services.

Good development process: Our embedded software development services have standardized processes and standard audit procedures. We are able to trace every step of the way, ensuring the quality and reliability of the code, while ensuring that the delivery of the project is completed on time.

Rigorous testing: We provide a rigorous testing process to ensure the stability, reliability and security of embedded devices. We comprehensively test the quality of embedded software by various testing methods such as static analysis, dynamic analysis, etc.

Diversified application scenarios: Our embedded software development services can be applied to different scenarios, such as smart home, smart city, smart medical and other fields, which can meet the needs of different devices in different industries.